What do I read, and why? Let's start with the why part and go from there. Simply put, I'm still here and I want to keep learning. Beyond that, I believe that no technology or technological deliverable exists in a vacuum. All applications and solutions exist within a context and within a society. For me, understanding those contexts is essential to providing appropriate services to our clients. To that end, I endeavor to stay as current as possible in those intersecting spheres.

The Age Of Surveillance
The Divine Dance
Game Changers

The column on the right shows the categories from which I select the majority of the books I read, along with a brief explanation of why I draw from these particular areas.

My laptop bag has space for a few books, and there are always some in it. I tend to have a minimum of 4 on the go at a time, sometimes more. One never knows when he/she is going to suddenly find themselves with free time on their hands. - Miles Overn

What I'm Currently Reading

These are the books that are in my bookbag right now:

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism - Shoshana Zuboff

A near 700 page book calling into question the business practices behind some of the worlds largest technology companies. It's starting out to be a fascinating read.

The Divine Dance - Richard Rohr

Franciscan priest Richard Rohr writes from a place that straddles both reason and mystery and comes from a place recognizing the relatedness of all things and peoples. This is not my first time reading this brilliant offering, nor will it be my last.

Zucked - Roger McNamee

I've just cracked the cover on this one. From what I'm reading so far, McNamee is echoing things I have been saying about Facebook, and social media in general, for years now. I'm looking forward to working my way through it.

Game Changers - Dave Asprey

A book of hacks for life, and for success in it however you define it. The subtitle is "What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life."


I work in the technology arena, and the field changes and grows and morphs at an astounding rate. Reading is essential to even keep up, let alone become a thought leader.

Theology / Theopoetics

Most of us believe in something bigger than us as individuals, whether we call that god or source or universal consciousness or something else. I choose to read not just from within the wisdom tradition in which I was raised, but also from those that are different, even radically so. I would argue that even sciene is a faith system, and perhaps one where its adherents question their beliefs more critically than most others.

Poetry / Writing

Reading great poetry is its own reward. Often a single sentence or stanza can provide insights that far exceed anything even the most revered and heavy tomes could ever reveal. That level of communication awakens in me and feeds a desire to write well.


All of us live within one form of society or another, and every solution we deliver to our clients must also function within certain geopolitical, sociological environments.

On The Bookshelves

Books that I have read, and likely reread, over the years that I have felt compelled to keep.

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