Having spent decades as an early adopter of Internet technologies, and having delivered solutions to international firms utilizing both current and emerging technologies, we are in a position to provide any number of professional development services to your organization or firm. While we are proficient in most current offerings from the leading providers, we are most intimately familiar with and competent on Microsoft platforms and technologies.

That technical knowledge and know-how allows us to assist you with project management, risk assessment, technical due diligence, software development and other services.

Participating in international trade missions and dealing with foreign clients has allowed us to develop awareness of international business and business cultural issues as well as services that help you navigate those waters most efficiently and effectively.

Virtual CTO

Many local and/or growing companies cannot afford the luxury of a full time Chief Technology Officer. In response to that need, we offer a retainer-based virtual service that allows those clients to call us in as needed to give advice and direction on their technology challenges.

Technical Due Deligence

This service allows us to do cursory to full reviews of technical staff, core competencies, code and artifact reviews, suitability of documentation, specification, and architecture to business goals, and other key metrics. This service is offered to companies with internal development teams, to those seeking or using outside consultants, and to companies looking to merge or acquire other entities.

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